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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

here im stand on my feet

 it just my own story ..

where else to share, anything im going to write down here like my own diary, 
about 3 months im working in metrojaya kl, so far im good there and learn so many things there, about love, humans n others. what say you if u have a life that your own create inside the book and draw your own character. the objection is your choice.

choose or choice. for future better continue my degree but. emm am i really into it? QUESTIONMARK. maybe im going to ask my dad to delay my studies. hmm what my plan ?
just wanna settle up all then problem i make. and make the thing right even i dont know if i can do by my self. again. i need to stand by on my feet.

sacrifice. is it we call sacrifice when we do a mistake and need to sacrifice lot of thing from your own? ahaha., rasanya ayat aku macam india, tunggang terbalik. haha what i mean here we enjoy for a short moment and need to repay for a long term. is it worth it?

club. aha in plan to stop. but can i really trough it? maybe no more club but just attend for the event. yeah xaxao like crazy people. i know my decision to be in kl or to work in kl is wrong. all is because im running to the enjoy my own life and the end im sick to finish the rest of it. 

do not feel regret just maybe this is one part of my life and im going to trough it, i try to motivate myself and sometimes i feel im not my own self.

**if u are control my body  pls take me out and show the right way. i dont know where am in now. im not lost but i dont know how to return to the right way, i dont have any torch light to lighten my  dark road. just can see me walk in and go where the place my instinct want to be.

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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