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Friday, October 12, 2012

too many thing to share

 what the thing i want to write ? ahaha no idea. actually i want to share all of my story since i cant update daily so i need tp make summary from what have i done.

let resume... okay my sister muna already been in jordon! yeahh sure lucky her and alhamdulillah she the one that can full all my family hope. i just can support her and happy for her. of course jealous when she succeed. but by the way rezeki masing-masing ;). oh this coming january jordon will have winter weather !! wahhhh exciting right . hee :P since the problem at mesir country all the source water has been  blocked. so my sister not taking her bath , haha if in malaysia u smell like trash. but at there its normal when you not taking bath because is very cold out there :)

so, cont. with my story this coming nov, on 3th nov will be our convocation day!!! :)) 
cant wait to see all my friends. but i heard not everyone attend the event since need to pay about rm300 for the convocation day. arghh and im pay by my own okay. so till now just wait what happen next :)

david guetta concert. i wish to go seriously i miss dancing i miss clubbing. wahhh im busy working so not have time to clubbing . this afternoon i wish i can go seriouslyyyyy ... pleaseee take me there*begging

i already move from intan house.  yah just transfer block only haha :D just happy ye lorh stay alone and got my privacy. 

what else to share ? heeww :) thats all lah . hee to be continue.....
tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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