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Sunday, December 16, 2012

just a story

long time not log in to my page. hehe since i just have blackberry to online not my lappy.
so, i just bring my lappy to kl with the broadband. so yeah i can online :) 

so many thing happen in my life for a few months. so which one i want to start

10.11.12 the date i meet this guy named abdul rahim .

i still remember we have meet about 3 times before he ask my phone num. then after abouttwo or three days we declared in relationship. so fast ha? yes it is.but im really into him. so i dont know if he remember the date. bcause men always think the date kinda not important but not women. aha :D nevermind,

then what else to share.

oh  12.12.12 im back to my hometown :) after  2 or three month not coming back. 
so miss them hehe :) all gather there. just ude not there since she studying in jordon :)

then before i back, we promise to skype whole family with uda. the. last time mum see ude when we sent her flight. when the skype on and connecting between us. my mum just yell and call ude while the hane touch lappy screen and crying. like so sad. seriously sebak sangat. and ude pun calling my mum name. and evryone like sebak and all of us cry. until ude said mum dont cry., im sad here. then my mum cool 4 a while but still i can see her tear. my mum miss my sis same with us. may be becasue she is mum so more sad. 

after this i take the responsibility to send money to my sis. is like im here to help her. and im okay.bcause i know she need me now :) since im the one close with her in the family. i just pray she always in health and success :) ude we all here oray for you dear, do the best.

omgee ! aha its about time. i need to prepare and go to work ! hewhew :P enjoy or anything still need to work for money! :) 

love jieha ,

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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