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Friday, March 30, 2012

leave me alone !

can you please stop calling me
im stress
im need a space,
just leave me alone..
dont text me dont call me
wait until im grad..
i cant give my love to u for u or anyone else
im not going to have any relationship for this year
not now.
im not ready to be girlfriend
i cant be good GF
stop care for me
i know u read this
just now.
i just need  
pls undestand me
if u  cant wait me, just find a new girl,
im not a good women for u.
im heartless
im sorry , sorry to say and write this.
i dont know how to explain this to u

*when im said im out of credit, i really mean it. i not credit my phone because i dnt hve money n i need to saving
*when im not answer your call mean i want to be alone , just leave me with my life
*im not goin lie to u or anyone just this time please 
understand me
thats all i ask u for now

***big sorry for u 

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last post for him . . . . .

cinta ,
datang dan pergi tanpa dipaksa
air mata ,
turun tidak dihalang, keringnya tidak di sapu

Nazarizan bin Saat,
kasih mencurah sayang dilimpahi
menangis luruh, diluah perit
mengulit di memori terlayar tidak di pinta

perlu kah semua nye terjadi, apa yang dipinta selain kasih kekal abadi,
tiada siapa berhak menentukan,
kasih sayang tidak terluah, hati terpukul terhempas pecah
walau dibiar tetap berarus
tiada keluhan tiada perasaan
hati kembali tertutup padu
pada siapa mengadu, 
hanya keluhan
dimana pengakhiran

tiada cinta kedua, tiada abadi
kubiar pergi tanpa rela hati
satu nama kekal abadi


akhirnya kata terluah, bibir berbicara, kata terputus
perpisahan terjadi, 

last post for my ex-boyfriend
Nazarizan saat 
cinta pertama yang jujur dihati
kini terkubur tidak digali

first meet after 2month declare 

be strong joe !
''sometimes walking away is better than standing there and hoping''
''it may seem as the hardest thing to do, but i have to forgot about him''
''true love doesnt have a happy ending because true love doesnt have an ending''

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

am i lesbian ?

hye :) salam one malaysia

lately my grammar suck! haha 
am i lesbian ?
NO. im not, just asking my room-mate erika
coz im rejected all invitation from guys
why that ?
dunno! but if my gurls** ask me to join them i will say YES!!
without doubt
i have fun and enjoy what im doin
only with them *gurls
i love my single life..
im not ready to any relationship
case close.coz i dunno until when im going to be like this.

my love gurls ever !^^
*i don't care what people judges of but once i friends with you i never feel regrets!

now im getting crazie with FIRED UP BY SHAGGY ft PITBULL
guys try litsen this and u'll never regret this !
ahaha ^^

one more ->>>>

heyy! 22 march is my love birthday!
nana birthday.. she turn to 21 finally :)
im not giving her any present yet
*out of budget 
just for that day i use a birthday card as a present
early april ill replace with something sweet :)

mysweet sarang hae *nur farhanah hamdan :)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

is it wrong?

why should i  write in my blog ?
yeah maybe im not satisfied with how people judges ~
this is a story just wanna share, even i know no one will read

there is one girl , she really like musics,  love dance, like to expose herself to dance in front of peoples. she really free to move and enjoy when she start to dance . she also join almost all the concert. even the rock concert or event by any deejay. but here in a college she have two personality, as a student and as a friends.may be people will judge her as a hypocrite person.
BUT for that girls being a good or care of  her image when in colleges is important, because she dont want her name or image blacklisted in study place,study is study,life is life. thats why that gurl cover herself.
for the real she is really her when she going to class just she hiding one of the activities. that is...

clubbing is an issue yeah if im write this as a muslim i know this is wrong and not good for a women place to go there , but. is that wrong if we are going to the club ? she just love the musics and like to feel the musics by dance on the stage, give all out your dance on the stages.. dance dance and no one going to be care, no one will stare at u like a monster , yeah when u in there u will dance like what u want, coz everyone enjoy by their not that if u go to the club u will drunk, take a pills, smoking. no. not all people in there do all of that things. that is depends how u control yourself in one force u what u wana do, its all on u.

reason im typing this story just because i wana say that, not all people do based on what u think of. please people! dont put your mind in negative ways :) 

sincere from ME (Y)

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