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Sunday, October 23, 2011

sports day :D

hyeee... ^^ wahh already sunday.... the past two days,i AM  very tired .REALLY.
emm i join netball and futsal :) even we r not the winner but i am enjoy both if the game.. the advntge when we r join the  sports .. i know who my super senior n get closer wth them. so we have discuss about our project for the next semester.they share the tips and give an advise what to do when early next i have some pictures for the netball and futsal match ysterday ^^

so 2 pictres above is netball jersey.. :) oh from
left azra,nana, erika and me ^^

oke.. that is futsal jersey :) our pic team ^^
my jersy is the black one cz im the keeper :D


afta the game yesterday.. mywhole body pain.seriously.. and my ankle really fever and flue aiyakkkk=.=''
ishh i sleep early at 8pm and just wake up at 12 am.. then i got mesagge from my ex classmates..
they ask me to join climbing at broga hill. then i just said i cant make it coz my leg seem like broke down can i climb wth my leg in pain. then they said he will support me up there.. i just think dnt want to go but.they really hope im join too.then here we are.. haha early morning around 5 am.we r going to broga hills and start climbing.. around 6.30-7 am we r arrive at the uppest hill :D i cant believe tht i can make it wth my leg cndition..haha :D yeah i really force i have take some photos :)

me wth my bestie
there is my 3 musketeers :D haha who always suport me up there^^
rest 4 a while before goin down :D

yeah..proudly to say. im make it ! haha :D

then.. im really tired just now~ and need to rest 4 a while before im going back to muar..
ohh goshh really i need my pillow just now ! hehe oke la.. thats all for this week ^^
tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Netball vs Futsal

 on this upcoming 22 october is GMi sport day, i join for the netball and futsal team.i just cant imagine how its look like coz we dont have enough training and don't knw who our team YET* but the competition is around corner.. haha.. my position is goal attack in netbal and goalkeeper for futsal. im not  have any idea how im playing futsal coz i never know the rules and how to catch the ball.MYGOD. hope i just can play well.u know what!im happy just now cz my roomate ERIKA just join the netball. since she is a very gud player but for the first day training she injured at the ankle. but just hope she going to be okay for the saturday game :) the one thing i never forget my bestie nana have score a goal that day! huaa.. im happy :) at last NANA become a gud player ^^ and i can see she have improve her self very much ! :) very proud of that.sometimes i just pass the ball to nana and she can catch the ball. see ha.. she now expert in netball. :) she not dropped the  ball..and when i look into the eyes she seems so happy :) what im gonna to said i am very happy ^^ cant wait for this saturday games..

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

Friday, October 14, 2011

switch to BANGi

 taraaaa... !! 

wahh x sbar rase nye nak tunggu esok and special day ahad :)
hhehe im going back to bangi  my college.. series rinduuuu sgt kt kwan-kawan..
da lame da xupdate post.. busy sket la lately ni.. hmm mcm2 crite nak bgtaw tp.. 
penat pulak nak taip panjang-panjang .. so ape yg aku dapat slame 4 blan kt rumah :

*dapat lesen L kereta ngan moto buat mase ni..

*dapat habiskan my inplant training succesful

*ditinggalkan kekasih.. hahahaha 

*semakin gemok n sihat ~

*cutting my hair

oke.. tiap stu mcty la ade proove kan..? hee oke ade gmbr ^^

then tomorrow aku balik gmi hehe..xsbr =.= ohh ak ade buat cake batik for my frends..xtaw jdik ke x..but just try :D hehe 

p/s:  pasni insyallah slalu update blog ^^

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (: