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Thursday, December 27, 2012

26th of december

did you realize we just have a few day before the new year ?

so.. have you check all of your hope and wishes come true?  aha.. for me. its like still hang on the sky.  i just wanna make my mind not to things what im not done yet but try to settle all of the things before walk in a new year.

actually this coming 2013. i want to make sure i got my own car, by my own money and not from someone help even my family. then if i can do that, it show im mature and can stand on my feet. im no need my family money and can survive by myself. hihi i really dont like to burden anyone around me. the second thing is samsung note 2. and that one i make sure by april or before..its mine ! hihi :) the last thing as a sister and a daughter of my parents. im really want to take over them slowly. meaning i want to support all the family financial. even they have their money itself. but still its  a time to repay before too late. im not gonna wait. 
 sending them to makkah. that one is the thing i will plan. before sending them i should change myself first.  maybe with the saving in asb can send them :D 

to many thing i want to achieve for next year. gambate jieha ! 

even i am so black in my family but still my blood is red and i love them more than my self. 

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (: