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Thursday, December 22, 2011

please return DOMOK (!)

 im loosing my kitten.his name is domok~
its been disappear about 4 days
my little sisters have searching that kitten at neighborhood
when they calling his name,
 my lil sister heard the cat sounds slowly from one of the house 
but we cant go inside. hmm just hope the owner give our cat back ! 
we miss u domok ! 

here the naughty picture from past ..


the one with big eyes

the ways domok sleep

i want domok back !! huaaaa

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

part time job

 now im in muar (: 4 semester breaks !

yeah this holiday supposed to im finishing my license class but i just got some offer from my sis,
 that  my sister company open the part time job for two weeks. so why not im taking the offer since i have nothing to do at home. BUT im not discuss yet with my parents, then i just HOPING they allow me !

ohh lately i just like to hear najwa latif latest songs carta hati (: just like the songs

Engkau duduk di situ
Diam tersipu malu
Mahu mendekati aku

Aku mulai resah
Hatiku jadi kebah
Melihat dirimu aku rebah

Tapi hati ini kuat menyatakan
Kau terkini duduk di carta hati
Lalu cinta kita bermula
Dari mata turun ke jiwa
Dari teman menjadi cinta
Dan berjanji untuk setia

Sehidup semati kita
Menjanjikan bahagia
Untuk kita berdua selamanya

hmm.. hoo.. lalala.. mmm..
Jangan engkau jangan pergi
Jangan tinggalku sendiri
Jangan tinggalkan carta hati

Kau janji kan bahagia
Ku janji kau tak terluka

Teruslah berada di carta hati kita 

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Date after final ! (:

i just wanna say im free from exam and i have completely my semester5 !! so, the last paper 
today is power electronics..the word can i describes are TENSION,CONFUSE,BLURR
 why that? coz the question make me wanna shoot my mind. seriously !!~grrr
after the exam... we have celebrate for our day , here im going out with my two beautifull NARA hehe (:
we have a date at the mines and we have dinner at Carl's junior :)
so,please proceed to the picture below, if not i kill u! haha :D >>

its ME ! while waiting the order ! 

here our meal~ nyum nyum! (:

this is mine terryaki burgers and that is DOUBLE the big one! haha :D

nur farhanah hamdan my lovely n sarang hae freundin ! hehe 

nur azura mohd my cute sis with big smile. hee (:

at last three of us in one picture ^^ !

im enjoy for today outing and especially  nana join us ! this will be part of my moment since i have 6 month left  at GMi :) i will misyouuu ^^

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

tiesto 2011 life in SEPANG !

 i have missed one when speed zone, but for the DJ TIESTO. i never miss hehe :D

if u know him, he is the best DJ ever!   "World’s No.1 DJ"

who is DJ TIESTO??

''He is arguably the world’s top DJ over the past four years, and although he did lose his No.1 ranking in DJ Mag’s Top 100 ranking to Germany’s Paul van Dyk just recently, he did hold it for three consecutive years and still holds the top ranking in other lists such as The DJ List.''

i on my way from college around 7 p.m and arrive there about 8 something then we are waiting for others members (: oke the pictures will describe everythings (:

                                                this is my ticket for the last nyte (:

i got this after going in (:

oww guess what, that nite im wearing a dress by choosing from erika and rachel (:

for that nytes i really enjoy and its super duper best! i can feel the vibration at all time and for the last nite that  firework its really beautiful .all is perfect from the sound lighting and the DJ spin.

yeah then finally the end up of the night was really feel like u want to shaking your body faster and crazier.
hee (: nice one.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

final year project (:

hye guys.

just now i am very happy for my presentation.

for the past 3days im sleep around 3 a.m doing research n complete my proposal n power point slide.
then when 90% our proposal n slide done. we just notice that our process is wrong.ARGHHH.

i just fed up and cried when i know. can u imagine how will u complete your slide and proposal in one day!
NO! u can't.then we find the solution.and start doing research AGAIN ! just hope we have enough time =.=''

started at the morning and 80% done about 4 a.m. and on the morning we are still aditing and check the proposal. at 2 p.m we going to print out our proposal and get prepare at the presentation room.

while waiting for others group. we are still touch up and add up info in our slide. AHAHA! others group being prepare with small note but our group just understand the slide n read it. coz we dont have any time to prepare the notes.

the conclusion after we present. for the first judge : gud presentation. and we smile (:
second judge: gud presentation (: we happy but there is too many shoot question and lucky coz the verifiers
understand our project flow.just need to add and fix our process.and i GRATEFUL.
we no need to represent.ALHAMDULILLAH

the last.i miss my mum just call me last nite said she miss me  ! i miss you too MUM (:

anak mak (:

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (: