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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

your love is my love !

if you love somebody, set them free. if they return, they were always yours.if they dont, they never were''

last thing,last call and last......

so finally naza text ,and told me that he just engaged with his women and going to marry her by end of this year! how terrible am i.... :((

his mum told him that someone had call him during his engagement day. and he just said okay. then he just find me. because he know that were me.

last year we have planned to get marry or  have a real relation for this year. he did it but not with me.BUT someone else :( poor me. i should stop hoping.jieha come on.

he find me on facebook, he ask to me to take care my self, stop clubbing, work well and etc.etc.
he know all about me :( he ask me that this, lagi make me saadd hummm :((
 he also said may be kita punya jodoh tak sampai ke penghujungnya, he ask me to wait someone better than him. but who else!! i just need uuuuu! why u cant notice that.humm

my fault, when ignored him. then this is my fault and i need to accept. whether i like it or not. because he not couple but fiancee of some one. hurghhhh hard to accept the reality but this is the real. mum. you daughter heart broken. every night im dream of him! please just go and go. my mind just cant stop[ to think about sad my life ! t_t

i need to stand up and build a new spirit. for my life family and future. 
maybe there is no one can replace you. but still life must go on. so here am i, lonely again ! 
just keep going,  

sometime let him go is much better because in return you will get somebody much much better

just hope there is someone can replace you. naza even you my past. but still you are the one my sweet memory in my life  NEVER FORGETTING YOU.

regret is not use just accept the reality.

nurul najihah muhammad, now automatically you are terminated from nazarizan saat life.

                                                                 **end of story**

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my sister wedding !

this is my sister anf her husband ! shait. so on august 25th she already taken by shait ! 
taraa :)

my dad and my lovely mum!! :D

so here the gurls ! red look hot! haha LOL

one big family! peaceeee :D

tomorrow she going fly to jordon to continue study! just miss her. the only sis that im close since kiddos, gpoing to miss u adek ! :) 4 years at jordon take a good care ^^

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Monday, September 3, 2012

something to share

wah banyak sangat cerita nak share, hihi 

firstly ,my sis wedding ! okay la overall sangat meriah dan seronok ! :) tapi aku tak de mood sangat nak cerita pasal kakak aku kahwin , since online dekat cc kan.. 

so aku lebih suka luah kan perasaan kat sini dari citer about reality kan... 

first , naza.. dia dah selamat ditunangkan pada 25 ogos hari tu.. hee kecewa sangat dia tunang tarikh yang sama dengan kakak aku kahwin. before tu, aku asik rindu je kat dia.. hari-hari sebut pasal dia.. 
aku ingat nak repeat la kan dengan dia, tapi hmm tak de rezeki la. percaya tak, aku ask my sis suruh call mak naza, coz aku xde no naza, since clash dgn dia, dia terus tukar no. so just save his mum number, n my sis talk to her mum, im happy bila tahu memang mak naza angkat and sedih bila tahu dia nak tunang, tapi tak pe lah aku kena terima je. jangan ganggu tunang orang :) biar kan dia bahagia. act. aku ade someone sekarang , yeah bukan someone sangat la. he not my choice but seriously he loves me more than i do. aku just baru nak accept dia. and baru nak start terima. haha tak tahu lah menjadi ke tak. just give a try.

aku seriously dah tak de hati nak couple. rasa jiwa kosong sangat,. macam jiwa mati. penah rasa macam tu tak? aku sedih je kann.. hehe maybe belum sampai lagi cinta yang aku tumggu ;)

hey. aku dah start kerja., yeah almost a month , now stay kat midvalley area. actly menumpang dekat rumah bai.. :) now tengah cari bilik sewa. on plan to move out. 
aku kerja kat metrojaya as assistance chief cashier. or supervisor . okay la. cume no life bila kerja kan. salary pun okay not too high but enough for my starting. aku tengah plan nak beli kereta yeah for my own asset , seriously aku dah penat nak naik bas. sekaranmg ni aku nak habis kan lesen kereta yang dah postpone almost a year! nak refresh then amik jpj test terus.sementara tu aku kumpul for downpayment kereta. hehe tu je kot. xtahu nk update ape lagi. hehe panjang sangat dah cerita. 

 still waiting for my true love *
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