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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

your love is my love !

if you love somebody, set them free. if they return, they were always yours.if they dont, they never were''

last thing,last call and last......

so finally naza text ,and told me that he just engaged with his women and going to marry her by end of this year! how terrible am i.... :((

his mum told him that someone had call him during his engagement day. and he just said okay. then he just find me. because he know that were me.

last year we have planned to get marry or  have a real relation for this year. he did it but not with me.BUT someone else :( poor me. i should stop hoping.jieha come on.

he find me on facebook, he ask to me to take care my self, stop clubbing, work well and etc.etc.
he know all about me :( he ask me that this, lagi make me saadd hummm :((
 he also said may be kita punya jodoh tak sampai ke penghujungnya, he ask me to wait someone better than him. but who else!! i just need uuuuu! why u cant notice that.humm

my fault, when ignored him. then this is my fault and i need to accept. whether i like it or not. because he not couple but fiancee of some one. hurghhhh hard to accept the reality but this is the real. mum. you daughter heart broken. every night im dream of him! please just go and go. my mind just cant stop[ to think about sad my life ! t_t

i need to stand up and build a new spirit. for my life family and future. 
maybe there is no one can replace you. but still life must go on. so here am i, lonely again ! 
just keep going,  

sometime let him go is much better because in return you will get somebody much much better

just hope there is someone can replace you. naza even you my past. but still you are the one my sweet memory in my life  NEVER FORGETTING YOU.

regret is not use just accept the reality.

nurul najihah muhammad, now automatically you are terminated from nazarizan saat life.

                                                                 **end of story**

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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smiley said...

doakan yg terbaik untuk dia k.. kuatkan semangat anda. ingat ada yang menanti kehadiran anda dalam hidup mereka.. :)

Jieha mohd said...

TQ smiley, just so sad right now

smiley said...

sy pown mengalami perkara yg sama.. siapalah kita untuk menolak takdirNya... bykkn bersabar oke?

leno bum said...

Cite cam gampang