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Monday, August 6, 2012

is it real ?

no pictures for this post.

hurm, how to start la. 

for now. aku susah nak log in my facebook page trough the lappy because i'd cut my internet line. now im in my friend house here for three days. so here im update using his lappy. thanks 'k'

the story is i dont know why to many people i mean stranger added me on facebook, really weird. and four of them come from kelantan.what do you expect .

er okay that one may be normal. but they leave a message for me and ask me to be his girlfriend, whatthef*ck ! are u guys crazy or someone wanna test me huh ?

i check and going trough all d information in the page,i found their hometown most of them from bachok. then, bila aku try to remember and refresh who the person close with me come from bachok, i just can get one answer only 'naim'

i met him, hurm yeh for the third time he ask me to be his girlfriends, even im accept his proposal , but still i cant trust him,that easy. he broke my heart once. so that why, im just thinking is he serious for this time ? he treat me nice front of my friends.. and he did show that like us really in a still at the same point,cant trust him. i dont want to be hurt again its painful like i cant imagine. 

about the facebook case, i just assume maybe nain game or he wana test me. because before this i have chat with his friend but actually thats him. 

 just for now i dont feel like wanna accept someone except he really prove me something. 

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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