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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

too many stories

                                                     hello guys 

terlalu banyak cerita yang nak share ni, hehe :)

first of all aku dah habis study yeah. alhamdulillah :) oh! after finish all the presentation and what ever things that required. we have farewell dinner :) for the last moment., okay, i just have few pictures because im not have any camera to capture all of the moment so, here what i have :)

inside hall :) with my roomates 

my classmates just kak zura not in the pictures :)

my close friend abe mat follow by cerah (:

end story of farewell dinner :D

after finish my study im doing my part time at equatorial hotel bangi, as a banquet. hell yeah. enginnering to culinary haha :D actually, lot of experiences i learn there AND i can eat super delicious food from specialist cheff ! seriously all dishes nyumeeeyyhhhh (: 

this is my uniform (:

what else ? okay i think that enough for my post. actually there is  so many story to tell you ! hee :P
the truth, im really miss  blogging and visit others blogger but im too busy and i have cut my innternet lines.
huh --" 

so, tonight im going to beg my parent to allow me goin to KL tomorrow. i wana work there, im feel so bored stay at home. do nothing and alone. arghhhh thats why im decide to go kl. where all my life, friends are there (:

hey wish me luck ! heee :P

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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