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Friday, June 22, 2012

sedetik lebih

End of gmi….

Finally, I have graduated from gmi J the happy thing after three years
But I kinda miss a lot of things happen here J

External. Going smoothly and success .err what to do after this ? Im not prepared to go back. Hell no.
I love ,my life here.even I miss my family. I decided to work as a part time at golf club maybe as a waitress yeeah for my own salaries, I dnt want to burden my family. I wana do all by myself and give my mum money. My own money.

Tonite .there will be farewell party, the theme is k-pop. Don’t know what to wear.
Just use my recycle cloth haha. Maybe there is no dress. And I just wear simple J

What else to story ? ohh ya,. Now im hijacked gmi wifi to online. Shit me L I don’t have any extra money to pay my monthly broadband. Grr. Yeah I just have 20bucks in my pocket, that’s why I need to work.
Thanks to gmi for the wifi even not strong enough but at least can cover my facebook and blog page.

My life now, doing good just, im taking my food once a day. Aha betul ke ayat aku ni? Grammar bersepah. Haha. Sorry but at least I try to write in English.  Seriously im saving now.
If follow my right count now it been 3months im not taking rice BUT. Im still fat. Huh.

Tataw nak update ape lg. this is for now~ adios

p/s I love my mum n my dad. And of course family and all my fellow friends J

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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