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Sunday, January 15, 2012

single or taken ~

what am i expecting for any relationship ?

-always happy
-be loved

just like in heaven i thought. yeah may be, but that all my past.
 im not going to fall in love AGAIN.
that's all is just wasting my time and like im going to surrender for being hurts.

i have NO FEELING to be in relationship, there is a few guys out there waiting for me, 
then i just going to use this word ''if we are mean to be together,then we will be together''
im not going to put any hopes. any feelings. just enough for that.

now all i want to say i close my heart to any of love. 
i dont want to be hurt, i dont want to be cried like fool,i dont want to be frust
 im not ANTI love but i just want to warn my self to be strong with a life .

when im being a wife i will be a good wife , and that time i will give all of my love to my husband-to-be 


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