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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

what happens to me ??

okey it just my private life story, you no need to continue reading if u don't want to ;)

i just decide to my self that i  dont want to falling in love, errr em what im trying to avoid is just happening!!!! omaiiiiiigod @_@

hm okay, i have meets a few people ,a men of course ! 
its a 4 mens actually ! hell yeahhh!!
4mens come into my life and ask me to be with him. phewww~

oke the first one is men A, em im friends with him about 3years, always going out together, help me when im in sad and  when im sick he always besides me and send me to the clinic.he is a gud man totally i can said he caring to me but he have problem in financial .

Men B, he have a gud work.a person incharge at giant hypermarket as a supervisor,i mean he is the chipp for the departments. i can say that he okay in financial things, romantic person BUT when he jealous to me, he always pinch mee,ouchh its hurt--'' he cant accept if peoples staring at me.

Men C , have a own personality, talkative,financial ? i dont know coz he still study, ohh he is my senior in my college ,em not much i know about him coz i just know him when im in semester 5

Men D, he is my EXboyfie , okay hmm he treat me now like im is his girl, then he okay, but he family depends on him,but when he in a problem he just left me just like that ! without any explanations ,notes or even any calls. he just disappear then when the problem solve after two or three months he just come back to me and pretends nothing happens ! arghh i have through this twice !

what kinds of men come in my life ? but im not even declare anything to all of that guys. i just smiling when he asking about relationship. i just dont want to be taken ! i want to be free.. hmm why this guys come in my life?

**im not hot,im not pretty, im not perfect in personality,im not a best gurls then i dont know why they likes me ,

but im always remind my self that.

am i worthy for them ? grrr im not even know who will be my husband-to-be just wondering who the real ones ?*


the right things is i dont want to think about this matter and just keep going my life, and lets fate decide who the right one for my future when the time is coming :)

**p/s i just writing in engish without refer from any dictionary if have somthing wrong with my spellings or grammar just SORRY**
tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

2 mesej cinta ^^:

matahari said...

dear.. bsbr byk2 wokeh. Allah sedang munguji anda. dsebalik semua terjadi pasti ada hikmah yang tersembunyi.. be strong n owez epi 4 ur life k :)

Jieha mohd said...

hehe tu la. :D rasenye nk bia je dulu thanks matahari :))