Pink Lollipop

Monday, May 7, 2012

what should i do ?
as a friend. i just do what i can. 
i hate when the happiest thing turn bad,

im jus wanna see you happy.
not for now. but forever.
friend, if you really happy with your way.
just go on. but. dont feel regret after.
we not goin to stop u.
bcause this is your life. 

we are here just as a supporter 
and wana see u happy :)

anything happen ill be here just for u friend :)
life happily.


hey ! this evening we are spent our day at tutti fruitty right after taking our dinner
at bbb :) 

this is biha wishes* and finally she had tutti :P

shud have dayah in this picture, but she cant make it because she capture us !

**another memory**

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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