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Friday, February 17, 2012

the Sads ferbuary

hello ,^^

it is long time im not  updating my blog , yeah im busy and lot of story i want to write ,
but i just summarize about my life in February month. 

first ,  DIET. yeah i really going into this but im fail ! i think i need to start again today until my last day in GMi..
erm i need to confident !yah. jieha come on ! look at your fat body. change.changes !!!

2. FYP. i don't know if this is the right place to write all my feeling. but i cant stand my self just by looking. i want to do something but im not have any chance to voice out. humm im disappointing with my group.yeah my leader. when u have someone that really not into the group. even much effort u put on it, still waste and im tired to cheers my self . wake up guys February is going to the end. but we still not prepare and  didn't know even how the process in our group.OMAIIIII.

3. NETBALL. im start training netball for the tournament at bukit kiara if im not mistaken.. and i just play as a reserved. hmm even from the start i know i cant get long with this group.  its really hurts when u play a ball in one team but they won't give any chance to u to play well. and i just play like a fool on the field. when im  think back when im at my school im the first seven player list it because i am really happy , enjoy, good communicate and not have any problems. but here in GMI im playing netball just to full my afternoon activities. its quite hard if u play with someone not trust u. in fact this is my last semester and i just go through without any comments.

4. GADGET. i have buy blackberry bold 2 , im really happy when the phone in my hand. addicted gile la. haha. but when my lovely phone fall on the floor. the LCD of screen become  blank and break. im really sad. huaaaa i buy that phone using my money. and i really sad. not yet or even a week im using that phone and i need to repairs. they charge for the screen rm200. huh. need money.

LAST. i think this February month is really suck and shit for me. hmm i hate 16 February. i hope this coming march is better and work smooth. heyyy ** this march 2nd is my birthday ! but. :( i celebrate alone without any love man. haha. yeah im single and no one besides me. im never being alone at this long time, seems like im not going to have any boyfriend haha. 

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

2 mesej cinta ^^:

Nana Farhanah said...

I really hope you will get the best thing deserves for still hve me,dun be sad! ily :)

Jieha mohd said...

thanx a lot my love :) yeah i have lovely friends to support me :)ilysm