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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Date after final ! (:

i just wanna say im free from exam and i have completely my semester5 !! so, the last paper 
today is power electronics..the word can i describes are TENSION,CONFUSE,BLURR
 why that? coz the question make me wanna shoot my mind. seriously !!~grrr
after the exam... we have celebrate for our day , here im going out with my two beautifull NARA hehe (:
we have a date at the mines and we have dinner at Carl's junior :)
so,please proceed to the picture below, if not i kill u! haha :D >>

its ME ! while waiting the order ! 

here our meal~ nyum nyum! (:

this is mine terryaki burgers and that is DOUBLE the big one! haha :D

nur farhanah hamdan my lovely n sarang hae freundin ! hehe 

nur azura mohd my cute sis with big smile. hee (:

at last three of us in one picture ^^ !

im enjoy for today outing and especially  nana join us ! this will be part of my moment since i have 6 month left  at GMi :) i will misyouuu ^^

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

3 mesej cinta ^^:

silvernitrate said...

comelnyerrrrrr korang hehehe :))

Jieha mohd said...

hehe..linda rugy ko xde :( xonah kua ngn ko sme2

Nana Farhanah said...

haah linda!skali je mse mkn kt redwok tu..hehe juju, sweet kan..syg sgt gmbr2 ni... :)