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Monday, November 21, 2011

syhhh keep it secret!

 morning.. there is not to late to wish congrats to my little brthers or sisters outside taking UPSR ;)

like usual maby this entry is just for me n my private life. i dont know. just,if u want cntinue reading.. keep it secret.hehe..i just wana share wth my love diary...
hum.. yesterday nite i learn something..
something that i didnt expecting.hmm its raining heavily outside.i just arrive at the bts or bandar tasik selatan... 
waiting for the train, but evrytime the KTM stop its bloody full inside.DAMN! then i just decide to call my frends pick up me. hum.. i overnyte at one house and. there i learn new experience. kind of dangerous but theres nothing happen. just afta this dont try. EVER ! hurm just when i watch frends of mine drink beer just like drinking water. i being nervous haha.coz they open that bottle n just drink. like nothing maby its oke for them n their lifestyle but i feel dispoint n weird. hmm its oke. coz even they drink beer .. they not force or do smthing bad to me. BUT they just treat me like a frnds. i like that style.then until midnight i just going out lepak at mafley or mamak there. then back to homie then they have a project em ice project DRUG.i just stay outside n not coming into tht room. i can hear n be silent. as long they not do smthing bad tht effected us. then they play a card. until 3 -4 am. while i watching korea. then time is going so fast until i slept on the sofa. on the morning..
i wake up n going back to my colegge. what i want to say is. not all of those people ''like that'' is a bad person. maby they hve story.. we dnt knw. i just frends wth them n be nicely. and i learn something that life is different and somtimes u can trust people like tha tjust be watch out.haha..
what i need is. dont get into that kind of situation again. maby last day was my lucky.. ;) haha.. so what i recover is i cant stand at tht envi.coz my heart not strong enough to breath with the smoke.
then..if u read this. dont think negative.just put on d situation. hehe :) 

experience appears day by day.. n make me MATURED.


tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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Lai Qma said...

wwah..klu lai at tmpt jiha mybe da seram satu bdan,tak kire mau blk umah tyme tu jugk..kui3..
bt0l jgk jiha kate tu,mybe tak sume yg mcm tu jhat tp pep0n better brhati2 kan..huhu

silvernitrate said...

new experience :)In short, boundaries help us keep the good in and the bad out :)

Jieha mohd said...

lai.hhe taw xpe (: mmg seram la tp kne hati2 jepape call 911 huhu (:

Jieha mohd said...

linda aka silvernitrate: hehe.. like i told u.haha lucky me nthing happens (: