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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Netball vs Futsal

 on this upcoming 22 october is GMi sport day, i join for the netball and futsal team.i just cant imagine how its look like coz we dont have enough training and don't knw who our team YET* but the competition is around corner.. haha.. my position is goal attack in netbal and goalkeeper for futsal. im not  have any idea how im playing futsal coz i never know the rules and how to catch the ball.MYGOD. hope i just can play well.u know what!im happy just now cz my roomate ERIKA just join the netball. since she is a very gud player but for the first day training she injured at the ankle. but just hope she going to be okay for the saturday game :) the one thing i never forget my bestie nana have score a goal that day! huaa.. im happy :) at last NANA become a gud player ^^ and i can see she have improve her self very much ! :) very proud of that.sometimes i just pass the ball to nana and she can catch the ball. see ha.. she now expert in netball. :) she not dropped the  ball..and when i look into the eyes she seems so happy :) what im gonna to said i am very happy ^^ cant wait for this saturday games..

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

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nelly said...

mesti best ! enjoy !!

Jieha mohd said...

nelly :thanks ^^