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Monday, June 13, 2011

rindu-serindunya :)

continue entry sebelum ni..
about my datink-datink time ngn huny- bunny
hee..on 11 june 2011
we r going to have a date! with my huny..
rase bestt sgt coz..
fully spent time at that day wf him..
afta arrive at malacca my boyfie take me to the town..
we r going to book kl gangster tcket..
coz we decide to watch at 6.50 pm
afta bookin, we have lunch at yeayyy!!
take about an hour jgk la have a lunch kat pizza ..
we have snap some pictures.. 
tp... no pictre both of us..
cz we came as couple..
so tke a pict by own je la ..
jnji ade kn? hehe

 time ni my huny-buny tgah make a choose..
what pizza r we going to eat..
 me! of course.. the first time im going out wearing jilbab 
wf him.. n the frst time he saw me in jilbab! hehe :)

afta mkn-mkn..
we r going to rumah my huny..
nak amik mum dye and drop at hspital...
guess wht!!..
 berdebar-debar n nervous to see my mother in law to be..
hehe :) 1st time jumpe neh
n nasib baik oke je.. :D
ktorg g tgok wyg..
n jalan-jalan..
i sampai rumah around 11 p.m
hehe :)
n i got ferrero rocher from my huny..

tanx syg.. all days buat i happy je.. 
the best moment i ever had wf u ^^
i heart u ♡ !

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

6 mesej cinta ^^:

theCAROL said...

alahai jelesnyeee :)

Jieha kriesha said...

the carol: hehe jgn la jeles ^^

♥ Jieha lu'lu ♥ said...

nak coklat...heheeh

Jieha kriesha said...

♥ Jieha lu'lu ♥ : hehe,, ameek lah ^^ sharing is caring

OrEnTaLeZ said...

Auw.. so cweet.

Jieha kriesha said...

maseh orentalez ^^