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Friday, May 27, 2011

DT konsert !

okeh as u all know..! the last concert of wings vs search..
will be at malacca town!
hehe.. and i as the fans of rockers world...
for sure buy the tickets and gonna rock the concert!
aha.. the best part is.. im going to have my date at the concert..
yeah..bcoz im going wth my boyfie..
hehe ^^
so..the concert will be t0night at 8p.m...
the place will be at...
stadium hang jebat
okey zoom in the place>>>

 the maps for that concert.. 

im going to the concert tonite...! yada...yaaddaa.. (:
to see awie and amy  ^^ for sure..

thats going to packing my goods..
my ticket from kl-malacca 5p.m..
i wont be late.. (:

double trouble konsert !! here we are =)

tanx reading ^^ if rajen buleh la like or comment yeh hehe (:

4 mesej cinta ^^:

Mrs.Yie said...

akak memang suka group search ni dari dulu2 lagi..tapi wings..kureng sikit la..hehe :)

Rose Johari said...

wah...bestnya jieha g tgk konsert... =)

Jieha kriesha said...

mrs yie: hehe jiha minat wings dr search..hehe tp jieha ttp minat 2-2 coz sume rockers kan..hehe (:

Jieha kriesha said...

rose: hehe.. aah jiha g konsert..da lme x dpt g bru la dpt..hee :P